Our Mission: Consistently Great Imagery


Our Mission: Consistently Great Imagery

We at  

Mitesh Patel Studio and Design

Capture Moments to make Everlasting Memories!!

Wedding + Engagement Sessions


There are many things to be stressed about when it come to planning a wedding or engagement session, we make sure photography and videography is not one of them. Along the way we can even help you take off some more items of the list, CLICK HERE for more info.

Newborn + Baby Sessions


Looking for Newborn session or documenting your baby’s first year? Our Baby plans make documenting your pregnancy and your baby’s first year a breeze! For more info CLICK HERE

Maternity Sessions


Professional maternity photography is not the snap of an Instagram shot or a few shots taken on a whim in your kitchen. It is working with someone who understands that certain poses will photograph better than others, that lighting is key, and with a bit of guidance, you will look as amazing on the outside as you hopefully feel on the inside. Please CLICK HERE for more info!

Family Portrait Sessions


We love our Family Portrait Sessions…  planning the concept, helping with the clothing choices, and executing perfect lighting and composition.  CLICK HERE for more info!